Wildfire: Kings Kids International

WildFire is a ministry of Kings Kids International that facilitates mission opportunities for all ages within the UK and overseas.

Wildfire Local

   Wildfire hosts weekend events known as Wildfire Weekends for children, youth, and families in the local area.

   During Wildfire Weekend, children, youth, and families have the chance to come together, receive from Jesus, and reach out to a local community.

   During this weekend, teams of young people and families are hosted by an individual church or group of churches, with whom they partner in their mission.

   WildFire Local teams then get opportunities to be involved in all kinds of service throughout the weekend. The outreach experiences can range widely, from facilitating family fun days, to street theatre, to gardening & litter picking. There could be opportunities to participate in children’s ministry, circus & clowning, sports outreach, and even spontaneous street ceilidhs! There are so many ways to serve the Lord and the community. The possibilities are endless!

   WildFire is all about the generations living the kingdom of God together. Under 10s must be accompanied by a parent while older teens & adults take on leadership responsibilities within the team. We encourage the whole family to come and join the God-adventure together, no matter the age!

Wildfire Global

Along with Wildfire’s local, weekend events, we also send teams on outreach trips overseas.

These short-term outreach trips are usually 1-3 weeks long and during UK school holidays. The teams work alongside missionaries and churches established in the host nation. This provides an opportunity for youth and families to put their faith into action through mission within the UK and beyond. Areas of service vary from tree planting & school ministry in Tanzania, to relief work & supporting orphanages in the Philippines, to sport & street ministry in Spain.

One of our key values is that each member of the team, no matter their                              age, is fully involved – no one is a spectator!

Most teams welcome participants of all ages, with under 10s accompanied by a parent/ guardian. Some locations/ projects may require a higher minimum age.

Kings Kids International

   King’s Kids International (KKi) is a ministry of Youth With A Mission. It was started in Hawaii in 1976 under the leadership of Dale and Carol Kauffman. Over the years, KKi ministries have sprung up and flourished throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas. KKi is an international movement, embracing a kingdom lifestyle that is family-based and generationally linked. We partner with families, schools, churches, and other like-minded organizations to fulfill our purpose, which is…

Our purpose is to care for, reach, equip, & mobilize children, youth, & families in order to launch them into their destiny of knowing God, bringing Him joy, and making His kingdom known.

KKi at The Kings Lodge

The Kings Lodge is raising the JOY level!

At The King’s Lodge, our KKi team works with a broad, regional network of like-minded churches & families, who want to invest in & release their young people to grow closer to God and then reach out.

 Our KKi staff has sourced the children’s ministries of Spring Harvest  (Europe’s largest Christian conference) for over 20 years. Area primary schools are eager for Christian after-school clubs and our participation in school assemblies.

We are passionate about reaching, discipling, & mobilising the generations to know God & make Him known.

How can we bring joy to God’s heart?

KKi is leading the generations to live out the answer.

Join us!

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