Inductive Bible Study Seminars:

  • What does the Bible actually say?

  • What did it mean to the original readers?

  • What does it mean to me?

In these monthly seminars we will give you the basic tools both to study the Bible inductively and to apply its truths. In 2019/20 we will run a series of studies through the Gospel of Mark. We will begin by reading through the whole gospel together, then throughout the year we will study selected passages from it.

This is designed as a series, but you are welcome to attend individual sessions!

What is Inductive Study?

The heart of inductive study is to discover what God says to us through the Scriptures. Conclusions come from what the text reveals to us rather than subconsciously bringing our own ideas or what we’ve been told by others and imposing them on the text.

There are five steps in our inductive approach:

  1. Prayer: Invite the Holy Spirit into the study time.
  2. Reading: Read the text, aloud, in one sitting.
  3. Observations: What does the text say?
  4. Interpretation: What did the text mean to the original hearers and readers?
  5. Application: What does the text mean to me and how do I apply it to my life?

Pricing, Dates, & Details

Saturdays in 2019/2020

Join us at 9:30am for coffee, the Seminar will run 10am-1pm

Price: These seminars are free of charge – any donations you are able to make will be gratefully accepted.

Please contact to register your interest.

  • September 14th 2019
  • *The first seminar will be reading the whole gospel of Mark aloud as a group. Location and further details will be available here nearer the time.
  • October 12th 2019
  • November 23rd 2019
  • January 11th 2020
  • February 15th 2020
  • March 14th 2020
  • April 4th 2020
  • May 9th 2020
  • June 6th 2020

All Seminars will be held at The King’s Lodge, Watling Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0TZ

Seminar Leaders

Vicky Bolton

Sally Raynham