Sept 2011 DTS outreach updates…

Click here to check out the September 2011 DTS outreach blog page for latest updates from outreach in Kosovo and Macedonia.

What our DTS trainees have to say

The best thing about DTS at The King’s Lodge is…

“…the second you arrive you receive a warm welcome and are made part of the family.  Everyone is open and ready to help and have fun.”   Jonathan Kaiser

“…the base is so welcoming and you can feel you are part of the family and the people here really love you.” Martina Rihova

“…being part of a community which is full of different cultures.” Dave Sharman

“…the amazing friendships that were started here.” Ingunn Ruud

The DTS staff are…

“…really hard working guys for God.” Stephan Gosteli

“…serious about God and ministry.”  Jane McEvoy

“ can really trust them that they just want the best for you.”  Mathias Schlapfer

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