• Tuesday, April 9, 2013
    Mega Outreach – The Philippines

    We have an amazing opportunity this summer – Come join us! The Mega Outreach creates an opportunity to invite the local church to be involved in missions. It’s for those who have always wanted to go on a mission trip and want a taste of outreach!

    We will be serving in areas where there is deprivation and great need. Come alongside us and help in evangelism, primary healthcare, preaching, teaching, Bible studies, children’s work, boys’ prison ministry, rubbish dump ministry and much more!

    This will be our fifth outreach to the Philippines, filling the spiritual, medical, practical needs and supporting the ministries out there whilst building up the local church. The Mega Outreach helps the local ministries to continue their work, invest in them and encourage them for the future God has called them to.

    In previous Mega Outreaches we have seen transformation in so many lives. One year we helped build houses after severe flooding and demonstrated practically the love of God.

    We will be working alongside the current Discipleship Training School (DTS) trainees as they will be on their practical outreach experience.

    Do you have a passion for Healthcare? Health education? Bible study? Preaching? Evangelism? Working in teams? We would love to have you with us!

    If you want to get involved contact: clyons@thekingslodge.com
    Or for more information go to: http://thekingslodge.com/ministries-events/mega-outreach/

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