Kitchen Renovation

A new kitchen for a new season

The Kitchen at The King’s Lodge has cooked around 800 meals a year (that is breakfast, lunch or dinner) for the last 33 years. This works out to about 27,000 meals with around 1 million total servings. It is now ready for a complete refit!

We want to completely refurbish the kitchen with modern state of the art equipment.
So we are able to serve well future generations of staff and trainees that come through this place.

Both the staff and the students of The King’s Lodge, as well as the wider staff of YWAM England have given generously into our kitchen Renovation Fund.

Now we open the opportunity wider to our friends and former students and staff to join us in this great venture over these next few months.

We need to raise £70,000 for this project.


After much consultation, we believe it wise for us to move away for gas appliances, to electric. This enables us to benefit from so much more of the latest technology. But for this we need to increase the amount of electrical power that comes into the building. We are already using 80% of the present supply.

We can then refurbish the walls and ceiling, windows and sinks. Redesign the wash up area as well and the food prep areas.

We want to invite those of you that know and love our work to be part of the venture. Come and be part of us with A NEW KITCHEN FOR A NEW SEASON.