Upcoming Events in The King's Lodge


    Is the English language your next step for ministry among the nations? Be part of our exciting new course and learn English in the heart of England! Click here to see all the details.

  • September 2014 DTS: Reach

    In this September’s DTS we want to accelerate that process. We’re going to take a long look at what people go through when they don’t know Jesus. We’ll catch God’s infectious compassion for the broken. We’ll search the Bible to see what He is saying to believers about those outside the church’s doors. As we make this our focus alongside all of the great content that makes DTS what it is, God will give us His desire, His motivation to reach out to the world outside. We’ll go, and with Him leading us, we’ll meet people and find ways to share what we have with them. Read More

  • Discipleship Training Course (DTC) 14th July

    Welcome to the Discipleship Training Course (DTC) . We are really excited about this course. As we were praying for the DTC we kept meditating on Psalm 127:4 “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior”. An arrow is very sharp and in the hand of a professional archer it will always hit its target. [...]

  • Introduction To Primary Health Sept 2014

    IPHC “Bringing Healing Empowering People” is a five to six month course designed to train those with or without prior medical experience to impact nations, communities, and individuals through healthcare. Training is geared specifically for work where there is little or no access to health care, most often the developing world. Click here to see [...]

  • The Biblical Teaching and Preaching School (BTPS)

    The Biblical Teaching and Preaching School

    The Biblical Studies Department at The King’s Lodge is partnering with YWAM Penang to run the Biblical Teaching and Preaching School (BTPS).

    The dynamic and very practical Biblical Teaching and Preaching School will happen in Penang Malaysia beginning 7th April 2014. The school integrates the lecture/workshop phase with the field assignment, and finishes September 19th 2014 earning 24 University of the Nations (UofN) credits. This school also meets the Communication Core Course requirement towards a BA degree with the UofN.

    For more information click here.

  • Voyage Through The Bible

    Have you ever wanted to experience the Bible where it happened? Ever wanted to walk where Jesus walked, sail to where Paul sailed to? Here is your chance…

    YWAM’s Sail Training vessel s/y Next Wave and The King’s Lodge Biblical Studies Department have teamed up to take a “Voyage Though the Bible”! Starting early March 2014, participants on Next Wave will sail through the Mediterranean Sea, studying the Bible and stopping along the way to experience Biblical locations. More Details

  • Worship With Us!

    We welcome all to join us, from local communities, churches or wherever you are, to worship our God!
    Every second Monday evening from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

    February 14, 2013
    March 11, 2013
    July 8, 2013
    August 5, 2013
    September 9, 2013
    October 7, 2013
    November 4, 2013
    December 9, 2013
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